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Understanding Course Prerequisites

At Delta, we want you to be successful. Since not everyone comes from the same educational background, prerequisite levels help us to be sure that you can do well in your classes.

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What are prerequisites?

There are two basic levels of classes at Delta College. Below you’ll find some information on these two levels. It’s important to understand that no matter which classes you register for, our ultimate goal is that you will be a successful student.

Developmental education

Dev Ed classes are intended to get a student up to speed on certain skills so they will be successful as they move through their educational career. Maybe you struggled in algebra or it’s been a while since you’ve written a paper. Dev Ed classes are meant to close those gaps so you don’t get overwhelmed.

College-level classes

College-level classes can generally be transferred to other colleges. They are meant to pick up where a student left off after high school graduation. These courses frequently have prerequisite levels for registration.

Finding Prerequisites

How do I know what the prerequisite level is for the class I want to register for?

You can find the prerequisite level for a course be checking the course catalog. Sample course listings and prerequisite levels are shown below.

Sample Course Descriptions:

College Composition I - ENG 111 (3 Credits): Prerequisite: READING LEVEL 4 and WRITING LEVEL 4. Develops fluent, effective, and confident writers. Practices the process of composing; generating ideas; shaping and evaluating writing. Uses reading and language awareness to further the development of writing.

  • This is an example of a course that has a reading and writing level needed for placement into the class. These levels can be obtained using test scores. Find full instructions on how to prove Reading/Writing/Math levels below.

Advanced Composition - ENG 211 (3 Credits): Prerequisite: A "C" grade or better in a college level composition II course or ENG 113 or permission of instructor. Continues to practice forms of academic writing such as the summary, report based upon research, and the analytical essay. Emphasizes writing process and examines the origins and purpose of academic discourse. Approaches may include workshops, conferencing, publication and word processing at the discretion of the instructor.

  • This is an example of a course which requires completion of a another course at Delta (or successfully transferred in from another college) before you can register. If you cannot prove that you have the course needed to take the class, you can contact the Counseling and Advising office to discuss the option of a Pre-Req Waiver.
How do I verify my prerequisite level?

If our records indicate that you have not met the prerequisite, you will receive an error message when registering for a class. See below for different ways to prove that you’ve met the prerequisite. If you ever have questions about prerequisite levels, you can refer to the course catalog or speak with one of our academic advisors.

Ways to Meet course prerequisites

Standardized test scores (SAT) and high school GPA

Standardized test scores can prove you have the prerequisite level needed to be successful The minimum scores are as follows:

SAT: Reading/Writing: 480, Math: 500

If you meet these scores, you are able to get into college-level classes. You must have test scores on file before registering for classes. If you did not have your test scores sent directly to Delta College when you originally took the SAT, you can have SAT submit your scores by logging in to their account at SAT scores can also be submitted via the methods listed below.

Not everyone is a great test-taker! If your SAT Math score does not validate your prerequisite level, it is possible your GPA will. High school transcripts must show at least three full years of credit, with a 3.0 minimum un-weighted GPA (only seniors in high school and above can use this option). For a full listing of GPA levels and how they correlate to pre-requisites, you can refer to the chart listed in the course catalog or speak with one of our academic advisors.  High school transcripts showing your GPA can be sent by:

Delta College
Office of Admissions
1961 Delta Rd.
University Center, MI 48710



Accuplacer Assessment scores

If you didn’t take the SAT or if you didn’t meet the minimum score needed to get into a class, you can meet prerequisite levels by taking the Accuplacer Placement Assessment.

The Accuplacer is a free assessment which can be taken at our Testing Center on a walk-in basis anytime the Testing Center is open. It will give you a placement level in Reading, Writing and Math.

learn more about course placement

 Transfer students

If you are continuing your education at Delta College after having taken credits at another institution, you will need to send the Registrar’s Office official copies of your transcripts. An official audit of your transcripts will then take place and the credits that were able to transfer will show on your Delta record and will count towards any specific pre-requisites needed for a class.

Official transcripts need to be submitted by mail directly from the office of the registrar of the sending institution, or sent via the National Clearing House tool online. Contact your previous college or university for additional information on how to send transcripts.

Mailed transcripts can be sent to:

Delta College
Office of the Registrar
1961 Delta Rd.
University Center, MI 48710

SUCCESS TIP: Don't wait to ask questions.

We understand that figuring out course prerequisites can be confusing. If you have any questions be sure to ask! We love helping students be successful.