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Engaged Learning

There's more to a college education than books and lectures. Your personal growth and future depend on practical knowledge.

Lucky for you, Delta has programs in place to give you that real life experience you're looking for.  

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There is nothing like hands-on learning, whether that's in the classroom, the lab or in the field. 

Explore & Practice

Get knowledge in the classroom and put it into practice. Is there a better way to learn? You retain more, understand more and honestly, you can make great friendships along the way. 

Clubs & organizations

There are so many ways to get involved at Delta College. People don't always think a community college has options and opportunities outside of the classroom. But at Delta, you'll find dozens of clubs, tons of campus events, volunteer and leadership possibilities, and so much more. There is always something going on at Delta.

Get Involved

Co-op education

You can get hands-on experience in your field while you're working toward that degree. I know. It's awesome! Plus, you'll even get paid. That's co-op! Check it out.

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Democracy Commitment

The Democracy Commitment is a national community college initiative designed to develop and expand programs, projects and curricula that engage students in civic learning and democratic practice.

Delta has committed to preparing students to become agents for positive change on the issues impacting their daily lives. Recognizing that many students enter our doors as mere members of their community, or perhaps well-intentioned volunteers, the Democracy Commitment seeks to move them into a role of active citizen, an individual for whom community is a priority in values and life choices.

Delta has demonstrated a commitment to continuously evaluating how we can create a culture of civic engagement, the sense that this is a place where students are empowered to make an impact. Many initiatives are currently offered to achieve this goal.

  • Democracy In Motion – A mobile wall designed to generated a public dialogue on current political issues.
  • Citizens In Action Student Club – Delta students passionate about empowering their generation to affect positive change in the world. This club provides a venue for students to hone their civic leadership skills and be an example to their peers in how to develop the capacity to act civically.
  • Delta Votes! Voter Registration Drive – During this three-day voter registration drive, students invite their peers to register to vote by participating in a little friendly competition.
  • DeltaVotes! Show Your Sticker voting incentive – Students can show their “I Voted” sticker and be entered to win prizes.
  • Democracy Summits – Students are invited to speak with state and local lawmakers about issues of concern in their communities.
  • Change Your World Week – During this weeklong event, the halls of Delta College are filled with awareness campaigns created by students on their issues of concern. Participants are invited to take action on the featured issue, by signing a petition, sending a letter to a lawmaker, joining an interest group, etc.
  • Human Library – This diversity and equality project challenges attendees to understand prejudice and dispel stereotypes. Participants talk with people – who pose as human “books” – from a variety of backgrounds and life experiences.  
  • State Lobbying Day – Each semester, students go to Lansing to meet with state lawmakers to discuss issues of concern in their communities.
  • Political Forums – Since 2007, the Delta Political Forum Series has held events featuring panels of experts on issues of concern. These panels have featured lawmakers, academics, lawyers, activists and more on both sides of the issue, providing a unique opportunity for audience members to hear a civil dialogue on heated political issues.
  • Public Achievement – Public Achievement, a nationwide program that helps young people shape the world around them, is based on the premise that everyone can do the work of citizenship and that even though democracy is messy and frustrating at times, it allows citizens to work together and accomplish extraordinary things.
  • Excellence in Civic Leadership Award – This award is granted each year to a student who demonstrates outstanding leadership. 
  • Voter-Friendly Campus Designation – Delta is serious about politically empowering its students. Through the Voter-Friendly Campus Designation, we hope to become more intentional about our voter registration, education and engagement efforts.  

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Honors Program

Want more? The Honors programs is for you if you want more from your college experience – more challenges, more opportunities and more connections with equally motivated students. 

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Internship opportunities

A great education is only the beginning. Employers also look for experience and confidence. An internship is a great way to gain both. Plus, you'll learn about your career options, meet professionals and build your résumé.

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Learning communities

Two classes. Two professors. One time slot.

It’s called a learning community. You’ll find engaging classes with real-world applications designed to be hands-on, collaborative and interactive. Plus, it’s a great way to knock out two classes at the same time.

Here’s how it works:

  • You sign up for both classes that are scheduled back-to-back.
  • The instructors work together to teach the courses. (Pssst... Often, one assignment counts for both classes.)
  • You get to work collaboratively and learn in a hands-on environment.
  • You can explore two subjects at the same time while learning how they’re interconnected.

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Service learning

Service learning is a big part of what we do at Delta. We incorporate it into many of our classes. Because, we believe how you learn is as impactful as what you learn. We get our students out of the classroom and into the community to learn hands-on while helping the communities we live in. It's a win-win. 

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Study abroad

If you could earn three college credits learning another culture, why wouldn't you? Especially when there are scholarships available. What are you waiting for? See the world. 

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SUCCESS TIP:  Get involved!

Research shows that if you participate at your college in activities outside of the classroom that you're more likely to graduate.

Spring Break

Delta College students have the opportunity to participate in Alternative Spring Break.

Grad Cap

There are currently more than 300 honors students.


Over 105,000 volunteer hours have been given by Delta students.

Catalina Cordona

"Delta provides a diverse array of studies, students and student life that I found refreshing and true to life. I met great friends and until this day we still remain in touch."

Catalina Cordona
Delta College Grad, Associate in Science
International Student from Honduras