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Diversity at Delta

No matter your identity or beliefs, you’re welcome at Delta.

You’ll meet people of different backgrounds, viewpoints and ages who will help you gain a broader perspective. We offer resources for LGBTQ students, students with disabilities and for students from multicultural backgrounds.

What is Diversity & Inclusion? 

Creating a Culture of Diversity

Delta actively promotes, advocates, respects and values differences. We have an environment of openness and appreciation for all. We embrace diversity as a core principle at every level of course development, engagement and human resources.

We also have a commitment to diversity among our faculty and staff. The college as a whole benefits when many different perspectives are represented.

By creating a culture of diversity at Delta, we appreciate differences in identity, experiences, expertise, ideas and opinions of all people. In addition to race and ethnicity, diversity includes perspectives and identities generally underrepresented in the mainstream of our society due to religion, national origin, age, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, height, weight, arrest record, veteran status or disability. 

Diversity statistics
Full Time Employees

62% female
38% male

Ethnic Background:
87.7% Caucasian
5.8% African American
3.5% Hispanic or Latino
1.6% Asian
0.8% American Indian or Alaska Native
0.6% Other (Multi-racial and International)


55% female
45% male

Ethnic Background:
90.7% Caucasian
3.4% African American
2.0% Hispanic or Latino
1.5% Asian
1.5% Other (Multi-racial and International)
1.0% American Indian or Alaska Native


55% female
45% male

Ethnic Background:
80.4% Caucasian
7.5% African American
6.5% Hispanic or Latino
2.7% Other (Multi-racial and International)
0.7% Asian
0.5% American Indian or Alaska Native
0.04% Hawaiian or Pacific Islander

Multicultural services

The Office of Multicultural Services offers a wide range of services and activities designed to support students from multicultural backgrounds and experiences. Staff members are available and committed to helping students begin as well as achieve their educational and career goals. If you encounter difficulties which interfere with your goals or progress, let us know. We provide a supportive environment and serve as a resource to help students more effectively meet their personal and academic challenges. 

Safe Space

Safe Space is a nationally recognized program supported in many public school systems, colleges and universities. Delta College Safe Space consists of a dedicated team of administrators, faculty and staff members who are committed to providing a safe haven, a listening ear and support for anyone dealing with issues related to sexual orientation and gender expression.

The team also educates itself and the college community on current issues facing the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer/questioning (LGBTQ) population. To become a recognized "ally" in the Safe Space program, individuals take part in a three-hour information session and sign a Safe Space agreement.

To help the Delta College community identify them, Allies are given Safe Space display logos, showing that they are a person who is knowledgeable about LGBTQ issues and resources and are willing to assist in a variety of ways. Safe Space is not created to be a counseling program, but rather an avenue through which allies can actively show their support for LGBTQ people at Delta College.

Staff and faculty groups
Black Faculty & Staff Association

The Delta College Black Faculty and Staff Association (BFSA) was founded in the 1970s as a professional, support, service and social organization for the college’s faculty and staff of color. The association works to promote a healthy support system that will enhance effective communication and networking among Delta College faculty and staff. Delta’s BFSA is one of the oldest, continuously active employee groups of its kind in Michigan for two-year and four-year educational institutions. 

The BFSA strives to carry out various activities involving recruiting and retaining faculty, staff and students of color in order to help enhance the cultural diversity within the college and surrounding communities. 

The association serves on various service projects and activities, both on campus and in the community. This provides the opportunity for membership to represent Delta and serve others. This work includes developing and implementing support groups, mentoring, tutoring and informational services, both at Delta College and in the community. 

BFSA regularly provides support for a variety of activities on campus and in the community, including the establishment of the Renee L. Rookard Scholarship Endowment, the Willie E. Thompson Scholarship Endowment, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Program with Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Delta College Broadcasting fundraisers and campus voter registration initiatives.

PRISM Alliance

Delta's Prism Alliance is a group of more than 50 faculty and staff members working toward improving conditions for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual and other (LGBT+) gender non-conforming students and employees on campus.

This group's mission is to raise awareness of LGBT+ issues across campus through education and advocacy. Formed in 2006, the Prism Alliance is an important part of Delta's diverse community, directly contributing to Delta College's mission – “educating, enriching and empowering our diverse community of learners.”

As with other groups on campus, the Delta Prism Alliance’s mission is one way promote our values as a diverse learning-centered community based on integrity and respect,” and work to promote, advocate, respect and value differences. We foster a welcoming environment of openness and appreciation for all.”

To learn more about the PRISM Alliance's history and activities, please email

Student groups

There are a variety of student clubs and organizations that incorporate diversity that you can get involved in. 

Black Student Union

Delta's Black Student Union advocates for the educational, financial, political, cultural and social development of Delta's under-represented students while working to effect lasting, positive change in the surrounding communities. The club's mission is to provide Delta students with the tools and resources needed to achieve success and realize their life's potential. 

Citizens in Action

Citizens in Action is comprised of Delta students participating in the Public Achievement program who are committed to helping prepare students for active citizenship through political awareness, education and empowerment. The club serves to support the efforts of Public Achievement, and to inspire students to make their communities and world a better place.

Mu Omega Delta (Men of Delta)

Mu Omega Delta is a men's leadership development program for Delta students.  The purpose of MOD is to provide motivation and a positive social network for students who want to become academically successful and financially stable.  We want you to succeed!

Society of Hispanic Leaders

The mission of SOHL is to promote and support the development of education, as well as implementing culture through programs and services offered to Hispanic students at Delta College and in the community.

Sociology in Action

The purpose of Sociology in Action is to raise awareness of pressing social issues through film, visual displays, installations and other events. We also want to create opportunities for professional networking and an outlet for social action to effect positive change in our communities.


Unison is an organization that will amplify the voice of the LGBT community and their allies here at Delta College, and will help to create education and awareness for the campus community.

Adelina Gutierrez at Commencement

"I enjoyed seeing that there are activities on campus that celebrate various cultures and backgrounds. Being a minority myself, I was happy that the students and teachers were welcoming of everyone."

Adelina Gutierrez
Delta College Associate of Art Degree with High Honors
Transferred to University of Michigan–Flint
Pursuing a career in disease awareness & prevention