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WRIT Center

Our Directors

Jen Niester-Mika
Assistant Professor of English

Angela Trabalka
Angela Trabalka
Assistant Professor of English


Our Consultants

Our consultants are Delta students and have been trained to help their peers with their writing, reading and information technology needs. Your session with one of our consultants average about 20 - 30 minutes. 


I’m Kayla, a writing and reading consultant at Delta College’s WRIT Center. What I enjoy most about my job is helping out students who truly want to better their writing skills. I am majoring in Liberal Arts and hope to someday publish my own books. My favorite kind of writing is creative fiction, and I am currently experimenting with genre.
I'm Emma, a writing consultant at the WRIT Center majoring in pre-pharmacy. I enjoy working at the WRIT Center because I get to help people and I'm always learning new things as a consequence of reading papers. My favorite books are 1984, The Catcher in the Rye and Twenty-Seven Props for a Production of Eine Lebenszeit. I also read a lot of non-fiction. My favorite genres of writing are art/literary criticism, art theory, poetry, screenwriting and creative non-fiction; although I love all forms of writing.  In terms of technology, I am passionate about filmmaking and film theory.
I’m Amanda, a WRIT Center consultant majoring in English. The best thing about working at the WRIT Center is feeling like you helped someone to become a better writer. I read a lot of science fiction and fantasy novels. My favorite books include: Ender’s Game, Fahrenheit 451, The Lord of the Rings and anything written by Stephen King. I enjoy any type of writing where I can be creative, whether it be fiction or non-fiction.



I’m Morgan, an adventurer, an open mind, a lover of sticky notes and poetry, and a writing consultant at the WRIT. It’s wonderful working at the WRIT, because I get to help others and spend more time at school (because who doesn’t love school?). I also love reading and writing. Additionally, I intend on majoring in English, so the WRIT is a great learning experience for an aspiring professor. Lastly, some of my favorite books include The God of Small Things, Jane Eyre, The Great Gatsby, and This Side of Paradise.


Our History

 In 2008, the WRIT Center began as a volunteer service in the vending machine area of the S-Wing. The next year it became an established student service in the lower A concourse. It was known as the Writing Center Cafe and was designed to welcome student writers in a comfortable space. That same year it opened an online service for students who were unable to commute to main campus. To accommodate its growth, the Writing Center Cafe moved to the LLIC in 2010. Since then we have added reading services and begun to aid students with projects involving social media, digital storytelling, and other multi-modal components. We are now the WRIT Center (Writing, Reading, and Information Technology). During the 2012-2013 academic year, we held 2431 face-to-face sessions with 1216 students and completed 1293 online consultations for 706 students.

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