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Look for the STEM Explorer at the following events!

Delta College/Michigan Tech Mind Trekkers STEM Festival: September 24th

Race to College Event:  September 31st

Middle School Surface Explorations:

Click HERE for specific information regarding our middle school activities for 2016-17.

High School Deep Dives:

Information coming soon!

What is the STEM Explorer?

Thanks to a $4 million grant from the Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foundation, Delta College is in the process of preparing the STEM Explorer to visit middle schools, high schools and local community events in the Great Lakes Bay Region.  


The Vehicle Has Arrived!

We are excited to share a few pictures of the STEM Explorer as we work to get it prepared for visiting schools and local events soon!


Who is Involved in the Project?

The STEM Explorer program has a number of partners including Delta College faculty and staff, industry experts, and secondary school teachers in the Great Lakes Bay Region.

Scott Schultz

The STEM Talent Institute Director

Nathan Elder

The STEM Explorer Program Coordinator

What is the Role of the STEM Explorer?

The role of the STEM Explorer program is threefold:

1.  The STEM Explorer serves to broaden the understanding of STEM in the Great Lakes Bay Region.  To accomplish this the STEM Explorer vehicle and staff visits local events and offers free demonstrations as well as opportunities for community members to participate in onboard activities.

2.  The STEM Explorer staff has worked with teams comprised of Delta and middle school faculty as well as industry experts to create "Surface Exploration" modules for local middle school students.  Starting in August of 2016 the STEM Explorer vehicle and staff will travel to these schools to provide hands-on activities (Surface Explorations) designed to spark interest in STEM-related fields.

3.  The STEM Explorer staff has worked with Delta and high school faculty and industry experts to create "Deep Dive" projects for local high school students.  These projects are more in-depth and incorporate many of the technological features of the STEM Explorer vehicle.  The "Deep Dive" projects help teachers in the Great Lakes Bay Region implement a more robust science program incorporating the newly-adopted Michigan Science Standards.

When Will the STEM Explorer Roll?

The STEM Explorer has been visiting events in the Great Lakes Bay Region and will soon make its way to area middle schools and high schools.  Click Here for the STEM Explorer Timeline! 


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