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Chemical Technology (CT)

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The mission of the Delta College Chemical Technology Program is to provide resources and educational opportunities for Delta College students to be included in a diverse pool of graduates who will meet or exceed the requirements to enter the workforce as competent chemical technologists.

CT Program

The Chemical Technology (CT) program is a laboratory-based program that will prepare students for a career in chemical technology by developing the skills and knowledge necessary for a variety of technician jobs in different industries. Students will learn important hands-on skills and as chemical technicians will develop problem-solving and critical-thinking skills that can be used to solve problems encountered by chemical technicians in industry. Important qualifications for the chemical technician include a solid background in chemistry and math, the ability to use and troubleshoot a variety of instrumentation and standard equipment and know standard laboratory and safety procedures. Oral and written communication skills and use of computers are also important.

Students in this program will have the opportunity to participate in cooperative work experiences at area industries. Students who choose this option will further gain the hands-on training that employers will be looking for in full-time employees. As a chemical technician, it is possible to choose from a variety of opportunities that suit a wide range of interests and skills. 

Chemical technicians are vital members of the laboratory team and have the opportunity to contribute to new technological advances. Research and development, production, and testing laboratories all use instrumentation and equipment; students will have a basic understanding of each type of instrument and know how to use it. Technicians will work independently to perform tests and experiments and to analyze, interpret, and report results. Chemical technicians use their skills and instrumentation to perform duties such as chemical testing, environmental monitoring, research and development, and quality control.

The Chemical Technology program at Delta College has been approved by the American Chemical Society. Graduates of this program can expect job possibilities in a wide variety of settings. An Advisory Board oversees the program to ensure the program remains up-to-date with the skills industries need in their chemical technicians.

View the video below to learn more about the Chemical Technology occupation.

Chemical Technology  



Below are listed the chemistry faculty who are available for mentoring and supervising student laboratory work as part of the Chemical Technology Program's capstone course Research Projects in Science (SCI 250):

Brian Aldrich, office F-48  His current research interests are in the areas of biofuels and soil chemistry.  He also has an interest in water chemistry relating to plant and fish culture.

David Baker, office D-151    He is currently the Coordinator of the Chemical Technology Program.  His research interests involve applying novel methods of green chemistry and microscale reactions to experiments that can be used in the organic laboratory.  He is also interested in the development of sustainable methods to synthesize chemicals from renewable resources.

Jon Gittins, office F-49    His current research interests are with metals and metallic compounds, their properties and analytical methods involving these compounds.  He is also involved in developing concepts and ideas into general chemistry laboratory experiments.

Bernadette Harkness, office D-167    Her current research interests are in the areas of biodiesel and alternative energy opportunities.

Peter Larkowski, office D-168    His research interests involve the integration of computers and technology (for example, data acquisition or modeling) into the student laboratory experience, with specific focus in the areas of thermodynamics and quantum mechanics.

Cynthia Peck, office D-157

Ronald Sharp, office D-159

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