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Millage Renewal

Frequently Asked Questions

Why place it on the November ballot if the current millage authorization doesn’t expire until 2015?

Historically, the Delta College Board of Trustees has chosen to seek millage renewals during a fall presidential election. Presidential elections typically draw the highest number of voters, thus allowing the most people to decide the proposal. This is the last presidential election before the current millage expires.

Why not just raise tuition?

A key component of Delta’s mission is to keep education affordable and accessible. Delta College makes every effort to keep tuition as low as possible while providing a top-quality education. That same effort applies to the support we receive from local taxpayers. We only ask for what we need and have a reputation for fiscal responsibility.

How does Delta College benefit me? I don’t have any children in college.

Delta provides college credit classes to more than 17,000 students every year. And a lot more:

Approximately 100,000 families tune into Q-TV every week and they’re treated to award-winning programming. Delta College Public Broadcasting has earned more than 30 state and national awards for broadcasting excellence in the last five years, including an Emmy® Award in 2011.

Last year, 20,000 kids learned more about space at the Delta College Planetarium and Learning Center in Downtown Bay City.

In 1961, Delta offered enrichment courses such as cake decorating and beginning dressmaking, as well as occupational courses like ward clerk. Today, the community education tradition continues with courses in motorcycle safety, computer classes for those 50+, and health unit coordinator. More than 6,000 people learned something new through LifeLong Learning last year.

Delta’s Career Services office will help anyone (not just our graduates) brush up their resumes, perfect their interviewing skills and find local jobs.

More than 63 percent of Delta’s graduates stay in the Great Lakes Bay Region. That means they work here, shop here and raise their families here.

Altogether, the average annual added income due to the activities of Delta College and its former students equals $385.3 million. This is approximately equal to 3% of the total Great Lakes Bay Region economy. 4

What is the annual millage rate generated in support of Delta College?

Voters are being asked to vote on the 0.4864 mill renewal for eight years. However, there are two other millage amounts that past voters have approved in perpetuity, a charter 1.5 mills in 1957, and an additional 0.1 in perpetuity in 1978.

Thus, the annual millage generated in support of Delta College is:

   1.5 mills (charter millage, in perpetuity)
+ 0.1 mills (general purpose millage, in perpetuity)
+ 0.4864 (0.5 mills general purpose millage passed in 1990, reduced by the Headlee amendment)
= 2.0864 total mills annually

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