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Public Safety

Utility Failure

Emergency Contacts

  • Department of Public Safety 9111
  • If Public Safety cannot be reached 911
  1. In the event of a major utility failure occurring during regular working hours (7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday) immediately notify Facilities Management at ext. 9240.
  2. If there is potential danger to building occupants, or if the utility failure occurs after hours, weekends or holidays, notify the Department of Public Safety at ext. 9111.
  3. If an emergency exists activate the building alarm.
  4. When the building evacuation alarm is sounded walk to the nearest marked exit and ask others to do the same.
  5. Assist the handicapped in exiting the building. Remember that the elevators are reserved for the handicapped person’s use. DO NOT use elevators in case of fire. DO NOT panic.
  6. Once outside move to a clear area at least 500 feet away from the building/s. Keep streets, fire lanes, hydrants and walkways clear for emergency vehicles and crews.
  7. If requested, assist emergency crews as necessary.
  8. A Campus Emergency Command Post may be set up near the emergency site. Keep clear of the command post unless you have official business.
  9. DO NOT return to an evacuated building unless told to do so by a College official.


Additional Information and Procedures

Always observe steps “1” and “2” above whenever the following utility emergencies arise:

Electrical/Light Failure

Campus building lighting may not provide sufficient illumination in corridors and stairs for safe exiting. It is therefore advisable to have a flashlight and portable radios available for emergencies.

Elevator Failure

If you are trapped in the elevator use the emergency phone to notify the Public Safety Department. If the elevator does not have an emergency phone turn on the emergency alarm (located on the front panel), which will signal for help.

Plumbing Failure/Flooding

Cease using all electrical equipment to avoid shock. Notify Public Safety at ext. 9111. If necessary, vacate the area.

Serious Gas Leak

Cease all operations. DO NOT switch on lights or any electrical equipment. Remember electrical arcing can trigger an explosion or fire! Notify Public Safety immediately at ext. 9111.

Steam Line Failure

Immediately notify Public Safety at ext. 9111 or Facilities Management at ext. 9240 and if necessary vacate the area.

Ventilation Problems

If toxic fumes, smoke or strong odors come from the ventilation system, immediately notify Public Safety at ext. 9111 or Facilities Management at ext. 9240 and if necessary cease all operations and vacate the area.

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