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Public Safety

Drug & Alcohol Guidelines and Resources

The following information is provided in compliance with the Drug Free School and Communities Act Amendments of 1989 Public Law 101-226.

Alcoholic Beverages: No member of the College community will possess or consume beer, wine, or other alcoholic beverages on College property, or any property which is under the direct control or responsibility of the College, unless a specific College-approved function permitting alcohol consumption has been authorized by the Office of the President.

Drugs: No member of the College community will manufacture, possess, distribute or use any prohibited drug in either the refined or crude form, nor will any member of the College community possess property which is used or intended for use as a container for any controlled substance except controlled substances for personal usage, and these must be under the current prescription of a licensed physician, or those specifically authorized to Delta College by federal or State authorizing agencies for educational purposes.

Violations may fall into one of several categories:
1.Minor offenses which are dealt with by reprimand;
2.Violations by students which are to be reported to the Office of the Vice President of Student and Educational Services;
3.Violations by faculty or staff members which are to be reported to the Office of the President; and
4.Civil or criminal violations which are to be reported to the Campus Police Department.

Severance Provisions: If any of the foregoing rules or any part of any such rule will be adjudged invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, then such adjudication will not affect the validity of these rules as a whole or any provision or part of any such rules not so adjudged invalid.

Effect of Violating Rules: A member of the College community violating any of the rules of the College or a public law, on-Campus or off- Campus, at a Delta College-sponsored activity, is subject to disciplinary action by Delta college that is appropriate to the nature of the offense. Such disciplinary action will be taken in accordance with the procedures governing cases of violations as outlined in the Delta College judicial process.

Reports of Violations: Reporting of violations will be within the province of all members of the College community, because they have a common responsibility in maintaining an orderly and efficient community for their mutual benefit.
Health Risks

Abusing drugs or alcohol can: make you sick; lower your job performance; put you in prison; cause dependency; be expensive; kill you!

Alcohol use will: dull your senses; impair coordination; slur your speech; cause mood changes; depress brain functions; damage liver, heart, and pancreas; irritate your stomach; cause physical damage to your unborn baby; lead to irreversible brain damage; cause accidents that kill.

Drug use will: increase your heart rate and blood pressure; cause tremors and convulsions; produce heart, liver, and kidney damage; injure your unborn baby; lower your resistance to disease-AIDS; cause personality changes, confusion, depression; lead to paranoia and hallucinations; kill you!

Contact any of the following free Campus resources. All inquiries and assistance are confidential.

Counseling Center (D-102) 686-9330 Professional counselors available to assist during a crisis or by appointment.

Human Resources Office (J-101) 686-9107 LIFE (Lifeline Information for Employees) program offering a confidential counseling and referral system for employees.

Community Resources include:
Saginaw: Pathways, Saginaw Community Hospital, 790-2272; Insight Recovery Center, 792-0150; DOT Caring Center, 790-3366
Midland: Focus Center, 631-7992; Alcohol Services of Midland County, 1-800-395-3400
Bay City: Bay Haven, 1-800-526-7314; Samaritan Center, 839-0990
Alcoholic Anonymous 24-Hour Help Line 1-800-234-1253.

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