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Residential Construction

Advanced Certificate

Program Overview

Learn rough carpentry and house framing. Get the skills to read job specs and drawings. Practice construction cost estimation and building modeling. 

Continue your education and get a Residential Construction Associate's Degree.

Earning Potential

Job growth in this field has grown slightly within the last 2 years, but is expected to decline over the next 10 years.

In this field, it is estimated you could earn $32,200 a year.

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Likely Careers

  • Construction
  • Construction Trades Supervisor
  • Equipment Operator
  • Insulation Specialist
  • Career advisor working with student.
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About Delta's Program

Study these areas of construction, and more:

  • Construction safety
  • Rough and outside framing
  • Concrete and foundations
  • Building codes and standards
Program costs

Total credits: 29

Fee Cost
In-district tuition and fees $4,012.50
Out-district tuition and fees $6,480
Books and supplies $1,885
Additional supplies $400

*Program costs listed are estimated and are subject to change at any time. Students will receive final costs at the time of course registration each semester.

Why you should choose Delta


Life is busy. But that shouldn't get in the way of your education. Delta offers classes at night, on weekends and online to make taking classes and getting that degree easier. Plus, Delta has learning centers so you can take classes even closer to home.  


Free tutoring

At the Teaching Learning Center, located in the Library, we offer tutoring on a wide variety of subjects, and help with developing study and learning skills. Most tutoring is on a walk-in basis but we do have some online tutoring options.

Best of all, it's free for currently enrolled Delta students. Just another way we demonstrate our commitment to helping students succeed.


State-of-the-art technology

Technology is a big deal! 

We want to make sure our students know the latest techniques so, when you graduate, you can hit the ground running. Plus, we're nationally recognized for our technology innovations – for four years running.


Facts & Figures

One in eight

1 in 8 people in our community age 17-70 have taken a class at Delta.


With over 900 faculty and staff members, Delta is the 4th largest employer in the area.

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Adam Vansickle

"In the residential construction program, we actually get to go to a house and have hands-on training. And then we’re in the lab where we get more hands-on training. By the time we leave Delta, we get to put on our résumé that we have experience, not just the knowledge."

Adam VanSickle
United States Army Veteran
Studying Construction Management and Residential Construction