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Police Academy and In-Service Training

March Training 2015


First Line Supervisor's School

After taking this 3-day course, students will be more proficient and confident in their decision making process when performing their duties.  Some of the topics covered will be:  Transitioning from Police Officer to Supervisor, Issues for Line Staff, Supervision & Administration, Ethics of Supervision - Doing the Right Thing, Responsibilities at Critical Incidents, and much more.

Course Dates:    March 25 - 27, 2015

Course Time:    8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Course Instructor:    Daniel T. McCaw (Chief, Waterford Police Department) has over 25 years of law enforcement experience, and for the past 20 years has been involved in training at his department, Oakland Police Academy and with the Delta College Police Academy

Course Location:    Delta College

Course Fee:    Non-Consortium:    $285.00 per person

                          Delta College Consortium Members:    $225.00 per person

MCOLES Registered

Registration Deadline:    March 18, 2015

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SABRE Chemical Aerosol Projector Instructor

This 1-day (8 hour) Instructor level certification program focuses on the Deploying, Handling, and Documenting the use of Chemical Aerosols. Medical issues and legal liability will be addressed. This course will enhance the instructor's development in the use and training of aerosols tactics and will help protect departments from costly litigation issues that could arise from the use of aerosol projectors. This program addresses proper deployment techniques, complete arsenal of available aerosols and situational requirement, recommended contamination drills, decontamination, properly reporting force and tactics for surviving an Aerosol Attack. This course fully addresses all aspects of using Chemical Aerosol Projectors. Certified instructors receive an instructor manual and student PowerPoint to use when teaching end user classes. This certification is valid for three calendar years from successfully completing this course.

Course Date:    March 3, 2015    Course Time:    8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Course Instructor:    Gary Sikorski, SABRE Instructor

Course Location:    Delta College

Course Fee:    $150.00 per person

Required Equipment:    Bring complete duty gear with handcuffs and key, baton and carrier, holster (no live firearm).  Change of clothes, towel, and safety glasses recommended.

MCOLES Registered

Registration Deadline:    February 6, 2015

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PPCT GAGE & SKD Instructor

This week long course of instruction will teach Instructor Level Ground Avoidance Ground Escape (GAGE) and Spontaneous Knife Defense (SKD).  All officers will be trained in Threat Pattern Recognition, how to avoid being taken to the ground and how to effectively escape if they are grounded.  Course Topics:  Use of Force Human Factors, Instructor Development and Training Protocols, HFRG (PPCT) Control Principles, Ground Avoidance Ground Escape Techniques, Principles of Edge Weapon Assaults, Vital Edge Weapon Targets, HFRG Spontaneous Knife Defense System.

Course Dates:    March 16-20, 2015

Course Time:    8?30 am to 4:30 pm

Course Instructor:    Kevin Rize

Course Location:    Delta College, Room TBA

Course Fee:    Non-Consortium:                                                        $500.00 per person

                          Delta College Consortium Members:                        $325.00 per person

                          Non-Consortium-Recertification:                                $300.00 per person

                         Delta College Consortium Member- Recertification:    $225.00 per person

Required Equipment:  Loose athletic wear, duty belt (no firearms) and handcuffs.  Anyone doing re-cert needs to bring their manual(s).

MCOLES Registered

Registration Deadline:    March 5, 2015

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