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Police Academy and In-Service Training

January Training


PPCT Defensive Tactics Instructor Course

The PPCT Defensive Tactics System is the first subject control system developed through tactical, legal and medical research.  Tactically, the system addresses the most common types of resistance that offers may encounter, allowing the instructor to maximize training on job related techniques.  Legally, the PPCT System teaches a simple use of force continuum that clarifies the appropriate force level for every level of resistance.  Medical research was conducted on every PPCT technique to refine technique efficiency and to ensure the medical implications were proportional to the level of resistance. 

Course Date:    January 25 - 29, 2016

Course Time:    8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Course Instructor:    Kevin Rize

Course Location:    Delta College, 1961 Delta Rd,  University Center MI.  48710

                                  Room F-031

Course Fee:    Non-Consortium:                                 $500.00 per person

                          Delta College Consortium Members:  $325.00 per person  

Required Equipment:    Loose athletic wear, duty belt (no firearms), handcuffs.

MCOLES Registered

Registration Deadline:    January 18, 2016

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PPCT Defensive Tactics Instructor Recertification

A three-day program designed to re-certify instructors in the PPCT Management System's Pressure Point Control Tactics, Defensive Tactics, and Collapsible Baton programs.  The force continuum concept, proper moves, takedowns, control points, striking points and weapons retention will be included.  The administrative and course reporting duties of the instructor will also be covered.

Participants need to bring their instructor's manual to the class

Course Dates:    January 11 - 13, 2016

Course Time:    08:30 am to 4:30 pm    

Course Instructor:    Kevin Rize

Course Location:       Delta College, University Center MI 48710

                                     Room:    P-110

Course Fee:    Non-Consortium:    $300.00 per person

                          Delta College Consortium Members:    $225.00 per person

MCOLES Registered

Registration Deadline:    January 4, 2016   

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Shaykhet Defensive Tactics Training

Shaykhet Training is a provider of specialized methods of self-defense.  The company offers training for the Shaykhet method, which is practical and easy to master for law enforcement officials.  The method was created by Lee Shaykhet, who has experience training the former Soviet Army and has provided instruction for law enforcement and military organizations in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida and Minnesota, as well as Canada.  Mr. Shaykhet has also offered training for security and consulting companies and has trained bodyguards for several high-profile events.

Course Dates:    January 13, 2016

Course Time:    8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Course Instructor:    Lee Shaykhet

Course Location:    Delta College, University Center MI  48710
                                   Room:  N007

Course Fee:    Non-consortium:                            $105.00 per person

                          Delta College Consortium:              $75.00 per person

MCOLES 302 Registered

Registration Deadline:    January 6, 2016

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TASER Instructor

TASER X26, X26P and X2 Instructor certification - This course will certify you to instruct others on the use of the X26, X26P and X2 TASER Conducted Electrical Weapons and is a prerequisite for all TASER CEW certifications.  Please be sure to follow the registration directions below.  If enrollment is completed properly, an email confirmation will be sent to student(s).  If you are with a professional security or bail bonds company, you must first be approved to attend this course through the TASER Training Department.  Please view the waiver posted under the "Training" tab of which outlines what documentation is required.

What to Bring:

The dress is casual.  Bring you department issued TASER holster (if applicable).  Holsters will be available for those who need them.  Please bring your duty belt with NO firearms, ammunition, or weapons of any kind.


You will not be able to access the online training portion until three weeks before the course dates.  An email will be sent to you, reminding you of this.  You are required to have it completed three days in advance of attending the course.

New certifications-complete the 4 hour online training block and attend BOTH days of the practical session.  Re-certifications-complete the 8 hour online training block and attend the second listed practical date (Day 2 of the session).  All payment arrangements are to be made during the online registration process.  Enrollment will NOT be completed unless payment arrangements have been made.  The online coursework does no open until three weeks before the training dates.  All online work is required to be completed no later than three days before those same training dates.

Certificates will not be emailed to the student until payment has been received

Course Date:    January 11-12, 2016

Course Time:    8:00am - 5:00 pm

Location:    Delta College, 1961 Delta Rd, University Center MI 48710

                    Room: J-131

Instructors:    TASER Certified Instructors

Fee:    Before January 1, 2016 the prices are:

            $390.00 per person  New Certification

            $200.00 per person  Re-Certification

Prices will automatically go up starting January 1, 2016 for all classes posted, including yours.  Anyone registering for a class after that January 1, 2016 date will be under the increased price ($435 for new certification and $225 for re-certification).







Truck Traffic Enforcement Seminar 2016

This three day seminar is for all Michigan County Weighmasters, Truck Traffic Law Enforcement Officers and any law enforcement officers involved in general motor vehicle traffic enforcement.  This training is designed for truck law enforcers to update their knowledge to properly enforce traffic laws for commercial vehicles including large trucks, tankers, and agricultural transports regarding weight laws, loads securement and commercial vehicle registrations.  Note:  There have been numerous changes in the laws this year in agricultural, size and weight restrictions.

Course Dates:    January 19 - 21, 2016

Course Time:      8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Course Instructor:    Sgt. Douglas Szczepanski, Michigan State Police

                                    Traffic Safety Division:  Motor Carrier Enforcement

Course Location:    Delta College Planetarium, Room 122

Course Fee:    Non-Consortium:                                        $250.00 per person

                          Delta College Consortium Members:         $150.00 per person

MCOLES Registered

Registration Deadline:  January 6, 2016

Lodging:  A block of rooms are available at the Double Tree hotel for the cost of $75.00 a night. The hotel is directly across the street from the planetarium at One Wenonah Park Place, Bay City, Michigan, 48708 TX (989)891 6000. You need to use the code "Delta College truck Traffic Enforcement" to receive the block rate.

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