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Police Academy and In-Service Training

April 2016 Training


Basic Firearm Instructor Course

This Firearm Instructor Course will impart upon the participants sufficient knowledge and background in the proper techniques of handling and utilizing the semi-automatic pistol to be able to perform as a range instructor to provide competent training to other officers.  Prerequisite:  Attendees will be required to satisfactorily perform the MCOLES basic course of fire on the first day.

Course Dates:    April 18-22, 2016

Course Time:    08:00 am - 5:00 pm each day

Course Instructor:    Thomas Royal & Bruce Coxworth

Course Location:    Auburn City Hall

Course Fee:    Non-Consortium:                            $525.00 per person

                          Delta College Consortium:             $325.00 per person

Required Equipment:    Full duty belt with holster; duty pistol and minimum of three (3) ammunition magazines; 1,000 rounds of ammunition; soft body armor; eye and ear protection; baseball style cap; long pants; long sleeve shirt; sturdy footwear and any other clothing needed for the current weather; flashlight; sunscreen; bug spray; laptop computer with Flash drive (8GB Min); not taking materials; and personal first aid supplies.

MCOLES Registered

Registration Deadline; April 11, 2016

Download Registration Form (PDF)


Basic LEIN Operator


The Michigan State Police, Criminal Justice Information Center, Law Enforcement Information Network (LEIN) Field Services Unit, in an effort to maintain compliance with LEIN and FBI National Crime Information Center (NCIC) policy, is now accepting registrations for the BASIC LEIN Operator training classes.

BASIC LEIN Operator instruction targets new LEIN users, 911 Dispatchers, Patrol Officers, Deputies, Troopers, and Correctional Officers that have direct access to LEIN and NCIC, through desktop computers, in-car laptops, or other mobile devices. BASIC LEIN Operator instruction will provide a basic understanding of LEIN policy; password use and encryption; ORI configuration, area broadcasts; criminal history records; entry of warrants, missing persons and other records; queries; and responses returned through the LEIN and interfaced systems. Upon completion of this course candidates will be "Certifiable" and can obtain LEIN certification by completion of the LEIN test administered by their agency TAC.

LEIN and NCIC policy require all operators to be certified within six month of hire, and re-certified every two years thereafter. There is no cost to for this training. Class times will be, registration 0800-0825, class beginning promptly at 0830 until 1630. One hour break for your non provided lunch.

Registration is to be completed via the MI-Train website at  The course ID is 1062671.  If you have not already used this site, you must go to the MI-Train site, create an account, entering all of the required information.  Sign into MI-Train and search for "Basic LEIN Operator Training" Select the course date and location you with to attend, click on the registration TAB, provide your agency ORI and your MCOLES/LCOTS number.  (If employed in a 911 Dispatch Center, enter 911 for this number) Click the registration button for the appropriate session.


Before attempting to register for one of these "Basic LEIN" classes, please e-mail from your Department e-mail address to or requesting the "Special Code".

Course Date:    April 19, 2016

Course Time:    09:00 am - 04:00 pm

Course Location:    Delta College, 1961 Delta Rd

                                  University Center MI 48710 Room F-031



Courtroom Testimony for Officers

This course will assist police officers towards becoming confident and convincing witnesses on the witness stand when testifying, how to avoid common defense traps, the pitfalls on cross examination, while emphasizing the importance of follow up, preparation and detail in police reports.  Students will take part in a mock trial and actually testify in both direct and cross exam.  Cross exam will be challenging and demonstrate the most common defense techniques utilized to "trap" police officers and make them look bad.  Experience has shown that this part of the course, utilizing audience participation and feedback, is most appreciated and fun.

Course Date:    April 7, 2017

Course Time:    8:30 am - 4:00 pm

Course Instructor:    Stuart Fenton, Chief Assistant Prosecutor, Emmett County

Course Location:    Delta College, Room N007

Course Fee:    Non-Consortium:                                    $105.00 per person

                          Delta College Consortium Members:    $75.00 per person

MCOLES Registered

Registration Deadline:    March 30, 2017

Download Registration Form (PDF)



Emergency Vehicle Operation

This is an eight hour course that starts with a short classroom update session followed by the remainder of the time spent on the driving range performing "behind the wheel" exercises.  The student will gain an understanding of new patrol vehicle technology such as stabili-track, electronic stability control, and electronic traction control, along with the dynamics of body shift and body roll.

Course Time/Time:    (Please indicate which date you wish to attend)

                                      April 27, 2016 from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

                                      April 28, 2016 from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Course Location:    Delta College, Room TBD

Course Instructor:    Brian Schroer

Course Fee:    Non-Consortium:    $105.00 per person

                          Delta College Consortium Members:    $0.00 per person

Required Equipment:    Attendees need to bring one patrol vehicle for every three officers attending.

MCOLES Registered

Registration Deadline:    April 22, 2016

Download registration form (PDF)


Gordon Graham

This seminar, featuring nationally known expert Gordon Graham, focuses on law enforcement training, liability, and policy and procedure issues for First Responders.  In addition, Mr. Graham will also discuss major issues facing public safety today, what can be learned from terrorist acts, natural disasters, and what we can do better in the future to prepare for these incidents.  He will also cover Public Safety Operations, why things go right & wrong, risk management issues and much, much more.

Topics Include:

    What is Real Risk Management

    Top 10 Things that get Cops in Trouble

    Organizational Risk Management

    And Much More....

Course Date;    April 20, 2016

Course Time:    8:00 am - 3:30 pm

Course Location:    University of Michigan - Flint

                                  University Center - Michigan Rooms A, B & c

                                   400 Mill Street (Park in ramp)

                                  Flint MI. 48502 

Course Fee;    LEORTC Members Licensed Officers - Prepaid

                          Delta College Consortium Members - $50.00 per person

                          All others - $75.00 per person

Registration:    Call LEORTC at (810) - 232-2654 or email your registration to

                           Delta Consortium Members: Call Dawn @ (989)- 686-9176


Hard Surface Tracking / Blue Line Police K-9

This 8 hour course is designed to teach the Police K9 Team how to track on hard surfaces.  The K9 Team will learn how to start,  maintain, and advance tracking on hard surfaces. The K9 Team will learn how scent is affected on hard surfaces and the differences of tracking from soft surfaces to hard surfaces.  The K9 Team will be able to apply this training to real street scenarios.

Course Dates:    April 19, 2016

Course Time:    9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Course Instructors:    Blue Line Police K-9

Course Location:    Delta College, 1961 Delta Rd,

                                  University Center MI.  48710  Room:    L-112

Course Fee:    $105.00 per person

To Register:

Contact Information:    John Skalski (810)-347-1695


                                        Craig Pesko (248)-249-3141




Motor Vehicle Code Update Training

This eight hour training for law enforcement officers will provide updated information pertaining to law enforcement utilizing the Michigan Vehicle Code.  This course will also serve as an update and refresher for the patrol officers where they will receive an overview of traffic engineering principles and discover some of the issues involved in setting speed limits and the posting of traffic control devices.

Course Date:    Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Course Time:    8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Course Location:    Delta College, Room J131

Course Instructor:    Sgt. Lance Cook, Michigan State Police

Course Fee:    Delta College Consortium Members:    $0.00 per person

                          Non-Consortium:    $105.00 per person

MCOLES Registered

Registration Deadline:    April 20, 2016

Download Registration Form (PDF)



Opiate Overdose & Narcan Training

This training will cover the signs and symptoms of an overdose, how to administer Naloxone and other support information including where to obtain these kits.

Course Date:    April 22, 2016

Course Time:    3:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Course Location:    Delta College, Room N007

Course Instructor:    Dr. William Morrone, DO Bay County Deputy Medical Examiner

Course Fee:    $0.00 per person

MCOLES Registered

To register: download this form or please contact Dawn Jurik at (989) 686-9176 or email    

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