Dream to Fly


Opening September 12, Saturdays at 3:30pm and 7pm
(excluding September 26 at 3:30pm):

(Ages 6 – adult)

People have always wanted to fly. From ancient myths of the phoenix and the flying carpet to legends of flying gods and dragons, humans have treasured the dream to fly like the birds. The ancient Chinese achieved flight of a sort with their kites, and Hindus believed in vimanas carrying warriors through the skies. Artist and visionary inventor Leonardo da Vinci sketched out his dreams of flight by mechanical means, and kept the dream alive.

The history of flight is a story of innovation and discovery, through the achievements of the Montgolfier brothers and their balloons to Louis Bleriot, Otto Lilienthal, and the Wright Brothers, who pioneered powered flight. The use of planes in both wartime and peacetime is woven into the history of the 20th century. Today, we use amazing jets to fly around the globe. Our ultimate goal -- the stars -- is now part of humanity's ancient visions of flight. 

"Dream To Fly" an emotional, exceptional and unforgettable experience. 

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Ice Worlds + Pluto Update

Thursdays in Sept. at 7:00pm (Starting Sept. 10)

(Grades 4 to adult and families)

Ice Worlds is an engaging and surprising tour of the icy landscapes of our solar system, especially our home planet Earth.
In Ice Worldsaudiences explore the critical relationship between ice and life - "a tale of friend and foe, enabling, challenging, supporting, and adapting" - that has developed over millions of years.

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Cody Coyote's Adventure:
Earth, Moon and Sun

Saturdays in September at 2:00pm (Starting Sept.12)

(Grades 2 - 6 and families)


Why do the Sun, Moon, and stars seem to move across the sky? Why are different evening star patterns visible at different times of the year? Why does the Moon seem to change shape from time to time? This amusing and educational planetarium show explores the relationship between Earth, Moon and Sun with the help of Cody Coyote, an amusing character adapted from Native American oral traditions. Coyote has many misconceptions about our home planet and its most familiar neighbors. His confusion about the universe makes viewers think about how Earth, Moon and Sun work together as a system. Native American stories are used throughout the show to help distinguish between myths and science. Learn why the sun rises and sets and the basics of fusion and solar energy. Examine the moon's orbit, craters, phases and eclipses. Also, the show explores past and future space travel to our moon and beyond.


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ASTRONAUT + Solar Quest

Tuesdays in Sept. at 7:00pm (Starting Sept. 8)

(Grade 6 to adult and families)


The exploration of space is the greatest endeavor that humankind has ever undertaken. What does it take to be part of this incredible journey? Start by taking a live tour of the current night sky to discover amazing things for yourself. Then, to go further, what does it take to become an astronaut? Experience a rocket launch from inside the body of an astronaut, explore the amazing worlds of inner and outer space, and discover the perils that lurk in space as we subject ‘Chad’, our test astronaut, to everything that space has to throw at him.


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Solar Quest

(Grades 3 to adult and families)

"Solar Quest" is a full dome short feature (11 minutes) that demonstrates the interconnection of the Earth and Sun in what is called Space Weather.

 High quality animations display solar phenomena such as thermonuclear fusion and light energy as well as solar surface features and storm events. Granules, solar flares and coronal mass ejections are dramatically visualized.

 The show covers the impacts of Space Weather and how the Earth’s atmosphere and magnetic field protects all life on Earth.

 "Solar Quest" features the role of NASA’s orbiting Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) and how scientists are using it as a way to help identify and predict sever space weather. Actual videos of the Sun from SDO are used where the audience can actually see the phenomenal amounts of energy being released.

 "Solar Quest" was produced by the Buhl Planetarium as a support program for Carnegie Science Center’s "Science on the Road" school program in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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