Frequently Asked Questions

When is the facility available for rent?
All rental reservations are based on facility and staff availability. The center is open year round usually Mondays through Saturdays excepting major holidays. Specific hours vary depending primarily on the Delta College semester calendar, special events in Bay City and special events sponsored by the Center or Delta College.

How and when should reservations be made?
You may inquire about date and time availability by calling the Delta College Planetarium & Learning Center office at 989-667-2260 during regular office hours. For most room reservations we advise that you confirm your reservation at least a month in advance.

Are deposits required for reservations?
YES unless you are a previous business customer who has established a billing account after an event relationship with us. Deposits vary from $50 to $350 depending on the number of rooms reserved, hours, food estimated costs, etc. We accept Discover, MasterCard, VISA charge cards, personal checks, money orders, business purchase orders or cash.

Are deposits refundable or transferable?
NO. Exceptions will be considered due to an extraordinary, unexpected, natural event such as an ice storm, major snow storm, tornado, utility outage, etc.

Can we bring in our own food and/or beverages?
NO. All catering arrangements for food and beverages served in our facility must be provided by us. In addition, no food or beverages may be removed from the facility without prior approval. Exceptions may be requested for special occasion cakes or petit fours. Limited dietary substitutes may be made available upon advance request but an additional cost may result. We are an alcohol free facility.

When are food/catering final counts due?
A final guarantee for all bakery and meals is due by noon three weekdays prior to the date of the event. However, Delta College reserves the right to require one full week prior to the event date for large events, specialty foods, etc.

Will taxes and service charges be added?
State of Michigan 6% tax will apply to food unless you provide your organization’s federal tax I.D. number found on your Institution or Agency Tax Exemption Certificate. This number must be provided prior to your event date. Unlike most other facilities, we do not charge tips or add service charges. Tax rates are subject to change by law.

Can rooms be decorated for the function?
YES but with our permission and approval of your decorations. Use of confetti, glitter, rice, birdseed, bubbles, and fireworks is prohibited. The center will not permit affixing anything to the walls, windows, railings, floors, ceilings, etc. by any method (i.e. nails, tacks, staples, tape, glue, Velcro, etc.). Due to fire code regulations, no open flame candles are permitted. Users will be charged for any damage.

Does the center ever close even though an event is scheduled?
Delta College and its staff will be held harmless if they must close the facility due to reasons that will prevent normal operations of the facility (i.e. severe weather, utility disruption, floods, public unrest, terrorism, etc.). It will be at the sole discretion of Delta College personnel whether it is safe or prudent to be open for events and activities. Efforts will be made to announce a closing via the media and a message will be placed on the office phone system.

How early can we get into the room?
Generally you can begin using the room one half hour prior to the event beginning time. Exceptions to this can be requested and must be approved in advance.

Can materials for the event be shipped to the center or delivered for storage prior to the event?
The center does not have large storage areas so rental client materials must be delivered and picked-up the same day as the event. Center staff members are not available to assist in loading, unloading, packing, transporting or setting up client materials.

Are there restrictions on the types of materials or other things that can be used or brought in to the building?
Anything that is of potential harm to people or to the facility or its contents is prohibited (i.e. acids, dyes, solvents, paint, chemicals, hazardous materials, animals, firearms, illegal substances, explosives are examples but not an exhaustive listing). Leader dogs are exceptions.

NOTE: The above is not intended to be a complete listing of rules and regulations regarding the usage of the facility. Delta College reserves the right to cancel a function which is disruptive to normal operations, threatening to the well being of participants or others, being used for a purpose other than stated at the time of rental or the event includes activities or exhibits which are pornographic, violent or illegal. Delta College will not condone any action, event or activity that is discriminatory or does not support the Delta College mission, vision and values.

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