Delta College Astronomy Courses


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AST 111 Intro Astronomy

Familiarizes the student with the origin, characteristics, and evolution of the solar system, the stars, the galaxies, and the universe. Emphasizes the way in which our understanding of the universe has changed. Credit may be earned in AST 111 or PHY 100 but not both.

AST 111L Astronomical Investigation

Prerequisite: AST 111 or concurrent enrollment. Includes experimental design to investigate such events as the night sky, planetary motion, and astronomical laws. Explores use of telescopes and spectroscopes in establishing the relationship among planets in the solar system, star distances, and stellar life cycles.

AST 290-299 Special Projects in Astronomy

Sky Treasures

Find out what's special in the sky right now!

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Mike's Astronomy Blog

Discover the wonders of the cosmos with our planetarium manager!

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