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Nursing Scholar Admission

To be eligible to apply for the Nursing Scholar Program, you must be currently validated and meet the initial criteria of an overall GPA of 3.5 or better. Those students who validate Winter and Spring/Summer semesters and meet the GPA criteria, will be eligible to apply for the following Winter semester. Fall semester letters and applications will be mailed out the first week of April.  Those students who validate Winter semester and meet the GPA criteria, will be eligible to apply for the following Winter semester.  Winter semester letters and applications are mailed out mid to end-October. 

Each semester (Fall, Winter) we send out approximately 130 letters and applications to qualified applicants. We receive roughly half of those back.  We then choose up to 30 students per semester to come in to the full-time RN program, and up to 20 students to come into the part-time RN program each Fall semester. 

Various factors will be utilized to determine the top applicants.  Entry will be based not only on GPA, but also the number of credit hours completed at Delta, honors courses, repeated courses, final grade in BIO 152 and BIO 153 or BIO 240 and BIO 241, work experience related to nursing, and score on a standardized assessment exam.  Applicants must be a Certified Nursing Assistant or equivalent (include proof from employer) to apply.



The Nursing Scholar Program is implemented each Fall and Winter semester in the full-time RN program, and Fall semester in the part-time RN program. 

For more information on the Nursing Scholar Program, contact Nursing Office Professional Katie Green at 989-686-9500, or by email at

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