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Motorcycle Basic Rider eCourse

May & June sessions now open for registration!

The Basic Rider eCourse is required for anyone who wishes to obtain a motorcycle endorsement and consists of approximately 20 hours of instruction – 4 hours of online preparation to be completed prior to your class start date, 5 hours of classroom instruction, and 11 hours of hands-on training. Designed for someone who has minimal experience operating a motorcycle, this course focuses on the development of basic riding skills: clutch and throttle coordination, straight-line riding, braking, turning, and shifting. Successful completion of this course and its knowledge and skills tests will result in a riding test waiver by the Secretary of State. Motorcycles are provided by Delta College.

Prerequisites: Ability to ride a bicycle and you must be at least 15 years of age with a drivers permit

All Motorcycle Safety courses are non-transferable and non-refundable.

eCourse Completion Requirement

If you enroll in the eCourse, you must complete the online eCourse portion prior to your class start date and bring the completion certificate to the first class session. Delta College will send you a link to the eCourse at least one week prior to the start date of your class. If you have not received an email by this time, please contact the LifeLong Learning office at 989-686-9461 for assistance.

Required Materials for all Motorcycle Safety Courses

  1. Driver’s license, if 15 years of age - permit & waiver form (on website).
  2. D.O.T. approved helmet.*
  3. Long pants only - no shorts (jeans are suggested).
  4. Boots - no high heels or tennis shoes (ankles must be covered).
  5. Eye protection - goggles or face shield are recommended. Prescription glasses, shatterproof safety glasses and sunglasses are acceptable due to the low speeds on the course. 
  6. Gloves - fitted and full fingered (leather is suggested).

Failure to bring any of these materials will prohibit you from participating in class.

*Delta College acknowledges that the State of Michigan's motorcycle helmet law has changed, but it is still a requirement to wear a D.O.T. approved helmet while participating in any Motorcycle Safety Foundation course.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows (7 or above) or Mac (version 10.5 or above)
  • Browser: Current version of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer Version 10 or above
  • Internet Connection: Broadband connections work best
  • Display Resolution: Minimum 1024x768
  • Requires JavaScript, Adobe Flash
  • Printer (to print completion certificate)
  • Works best on a Desktop computer
  • NOT compatible with iPads, other tablets, or mobile phones

Registration Method

Telephone or In-Person only (on-line registration not available for eCourses).  You must provide a valid email address at time of registration.

Standby Registration Process for Motorcycle Safety

There are instances where students are unable to attend the course and a seat may become available for Standby Registration. Standby seats for weekend eCourses are limited and special requirements apply.   Please contact the LifeLong Learning office at 989-686-9461 for additional information.

Schedule & Cost

Course Number: CMR-1015
Cost: $50 (non-transferable, non-refundable)
Location: All Motorcycle classes are held in rooms S-225 & S-226 on Delta's Main Campus and the driving ranges 

Course Number Date Time
CMR-1015-SP250     5/1-5/5

Mon-Fri, 5:30-9:30pm



Fri., 5:30-9:30pm     
Sat. & Sun., 8am - 6pm
CMR-1015-SP455 5/12-5/14 Fri., 5:30-9:30pm     
Sat. & Sun., 8am - 6pm 
 CMR-1015-SP460 5/19-5/21 Fri., 5:30-9:30pm     
Sat. & Sun., 8am - 6pm
CMR-1015-SP465 6/2-6/4 Fri., 5:30-9:30pm     
Sat. & Sun., 8am - 6pm
CMR-1015-SP470 6/9-6/11 Fri., 5:30-9:30pm    
Sat. & Sun., 8am - 6pm
 CMR-1015-SP480 6/23-6/25     Fri., 5:30-9:30pm     
Sat. & Sun., 8am - 6pm


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