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The community members from the Great Lakes Bay Area look to Delta College LifeLong Learning as a resource to enhance their personal and professional development. Instructors and subject matter experts are in high demand to help us teach our community the skills that they need to be successful. We are continually seeking new course ideas and talented instructors to add to our LifeLong Learning community! Learn more about LifeLong Learning.

Instructor Selection Process

Instructors may apply to teach at any time.

    1. Submit a completed Course Proposal Form along with your resume. If you have questions, we will be glad to assist you in completing your Course Proposal form. If it is more convenient for you, feel free to duplicate our forms on your computer, just be sure to include all the information requested.
    2. Return the forms via mail, fax, and email or drop them off at our office. After we have had an opportunity to review them, we will either call you to come in for an interview or notify you that we have decided not to offer the class you proposed.

    Preferred Qualifications

    Potential instructors should have four years of education, experience or a combination of education and experience in their subject area. LifeLong Learning instructors are part-time hourly employees engaged on a class by class/as needed basis. We are looking for qualified instructors with availability to teach day, evening and weekend classes.

    Required Qualifications

    • Specific certification, training, or experience in addition to an Associate's Degree.
    • One to three years related teaching experience.
    • Applicants should be able to teach a variety of day, night, or weekend courses
    • Strong written and oral communication skills.

    Additional Experiences Preferred

    • Bachelor’s Degree
    • Previous course development experience


    The course proposal form asks you a series of questions that will assist you in putting your thoughts on paper. This will help us understand what you would like to cover and how you plan to conduct the class. Examples of course descriptions can be found in our current course catalog and throughout the LifeLong Learning website.

    Please tell us how many times you feel the class should meet and which day(s) of the week and hours you prefer to teach. We recommend you limit the number of class meetings to a minimum to adequately cover the content. Adult students are very busy people and are hesitant to commit to a large number of class meetings, unless it is absolutely necessary.

    The course outline can be very general at this point; just a single level outline telling us what you will cover the first meeting, what you will cover the second meeting, etc. This will be sufficient for us to make a decision regarding your proposed course. If you develop a more detailed outline for your own use in the classroom, we would like a copy for the permanent course file. Please return the course proposal form along with your resume, including any related experience, as soon as possible.

    Proposal Deadlines

    A class may have any number of meetings, but most are scheduled within the semesters listed below.

    • Winter Semester: January through March - Course Proposal Deadline: August 1 of the prior year
    • Spring/Summer Semester: April through August - Course Proposal Deadline: December 1 of the prior year
    • Fall Semester: September through December - Course Proposal Deadline: May 1 of current year

    Class Locations

    Nearly all of our classes are taught at the Delta College Main Campus. However, some courses are offered at our off-site campuses; Delta College Planetarium in Bay City, Ricker Center in Saginaw, and the Midland Center in Midland.

    Role of the Teacher

    The teacher is expected to design the course, effectively convey the information contained in the course as described to participants in the syllabus and to take responsibility for positive leadership of the class.

    The instructor suggests and then works with the LifeLong Learning staff to determine the number of class sessions, days of the week, preferred hours to teach, materials and maximum number of students. The LifeLong Learning staff is available to assist you in your planning. The LifeLong Learning staff coordinates additional details such as course fees, course location, equipment availability, and publicity.

    Mission, Vision, and Values of LifeLong Learning

    Mission: LifeLong Learning customer focused staff provides diverse, quality professional development course offerings for nontraditional students interested in increasing their career based knowledge or enriching their lives. We place special emphasis on programs that expand Delta College’s community engagement and outreach to make Delta the first choice to learn and grow.

    Vision: LifeLong Learning will operate using a self-sustaining business model delivering innovative programming that serves as a catalyst to drive future students to Delta to pursue their academic degrees. We will also provide quality life and leisure programming that communicates the value of Delta College and enriches personal growth and the quality of life in the Great Lakes Bay Region.

    Values: LifeLong Learning customer focused staff plans, executes and evaluates programs for effectiveness and return on investment. The LifeLong Learning department is critical to Delta College’s success in achieving its community engagement goals. LifeLong Learning will meet this challenge by providing existing and new professional certificate and life & leisure programs to increase registrations in all program divisions. LifeLong Learning values serving our community through quality and innovation. Delta College LifeLong Learning Department is uniquely positioned to deliver quality programming due to the reputation of Delta College for quality, the ability of the LLL department to plan and execute programming in a short time frame. 


    We can help! Call us at (989) 686-9444 or send us an email at

    Thank you for your inquiry about teaching. We appreciate your interest in our program.  


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