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STEM Education – Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

In 2014, the Trustees of The Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foundation awarded $4 million to Delta College to expand science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education of middle- and high-school students in the Great Lakes Bay Region.

Delta College’s planned STEM Explorer, a 38-foot customized vehicle outfitted with state of the art equipment for project-based learning, is the centerpiece of the project. The Delta STEM Explorer will travel throughout the Great Lakes Bay Region visiting schools and community events to bring investigative learning directly to the students.


Research shows that more engaging and connected content delivery methods can increase student interest in, and enthusiasm for, STEM topics. Elements of the project include:


* Interdisciplinary approach, bringing together multiple topics into lesson plans

* Project-based activities

* Partnerships with higher education and businesses
* State of the art equipment
* Hands-on activities


Delta College provides STEM learning through the following activities, all of which will be enhanced through the use of the STEM Explorer vehicle:

* Math and Science Manufacturing Experience
Regional Science Olympiad
Middle School Mathematics Competitions

Summer Camps                  


Delta College brings investigative learning directly to the students at a time when they are planning their post-secondary path. We also help make connections between what students are learning in school, and how that learning will provide them a path to STEM career opportunities. If you would like to assist us in bringing more STEM learning to students, contact Pam Clark at 989-686-9225 or

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