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Delta College Fight Song 


Dr. Samuel Jones wrote Delta College’s fight song in 1964. Although it had been misplaced for decades, we’ve now relocated the music and lyrics.

Delta College Fight Song

Let’s fight!, fight!, fight!, fight!, fight!,
Delta Pioneers!
’Til they don’t feel quite right,
Delta Pioneers!
Just let them feel your might,
Delta Pioneers, and when they’re in the
locker room they’ll all be moaning,
listen to their moans and groaning.


Keep your heads held high,
Delta Pioneers!
They’ll never pass us by,
Delta Pioneers!
We’re with you ‘til we die,
Delta Pioneers, and we will always
give our best for Delta’s name.
Fight!, fight!, (Repeat from the beginning)

Second time, when the music stops, the crowd
continues shouting, “Fight!, Fight!, Fight!, Fight!”
ad lib, until the chant dissolves into applause and cheers.

Words by Dr. Samuel Jones


Click here to download the Fight Song sheet music

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