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From 1963-1965, Dr. Samuel Jones was a “composer in residence” for Delta College. During that time, he wrote Delta’s alma mater as well as the fight song – both the music and words for each.

The original handwritten manuscript for the song had been lost to Delta College for decades, but has now been relocated. Dr. Jones collaborated with Delta College’s Jazz Singers for a special performance of the work in 2014. Dr. Jones said the song “symbolizes the importance of humanities. It always stays with you.”


Wording in the Alma Mater references Delta College’s original seal - created by art professor Charles Breed – in many ways:


* “Vaulting pine” – references the white pine tree, representing the area’s lumbering history. The tree is snow covered to show Delta’s northern latitude and blue at the base of the tree represents Michigan’s lakes.

* “Three perfect rings” – references the three taproots which circle the tree to represent the three counties.

* “Three points of Delta” – the three triangles outside the rings again represent the three counties. The name “Delta” is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet and is meant to signify the unity of the three founding counties – Saginaw, Bay and Midland – in establishing the fourth entity, the college itself.

Delta College Alma Mater

Onward, like a radiant star,
Your lamp within our hearts will ever glow.
Upward, like your vaulting pine,
O Delta, now our vision seeks to grow.

Hail to Delta College!
Praise to Delta College!
Hallowed Alma Mater,
With our gratitude forever you shall go.

Inwardly, three perfect rings
Remind us of the Truth we seek to find.
Outwardly, three points of delta
Teach us balance: body, heart, and mind.

Honor, Delta College!
Glory, Delta College!
Hallowed Alma Mater,
May you be forever in our hearts enshrined.

Words by Dr. Samuel Jones

Click here to download the Alma Mater sheet music.

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