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Financial Aid Office

Census Date Policy

The Delta College Financial Aid Office will calculate federal aid eligibility on a specific census date for each semester beginning with the 2015/16 academic year.  The financial aid awards will be determined using the student’s enrollment as of the 18th day of each semester, which will be called the census date. Specifically, aid will be based on the number of credit hours for which a student is enrolled as of the census date for that semester.


The 2016/17 academic year semesters will have the following census dates:

Fall semester 2016: September 13, 2016

Winter semester 2017: January 24, 2017

Spring semester 2017: May 25, 2017


Please note the following:

·       A class must be officially registered for by the census date to be eligible for aid.  Also, a student must meet all attendance guidelines to be entitled to Federal Aid disbursed to them.  See guidelines below. 

·       If a student adds an additional class after the census date for each semester, aid will not be adjusted to pay for the class. 

·       Classes dropped after the census date, but before the start date of the class (late starting) will not be eligible for aid.

Initially, financial aid is based on enrollment status at the time of registration. However, your final award will be determined based on the enrollment status at the census date during each semester.

Please refer to the attendance guidelines below as well as the Return of Funds Policy in the college catalog before enrollment changes are made to learn how financial aid will be affected. Contact the Financial Aid Office at 989-686-9080 if you have any additional questions.

Never Attended: If an instructor reports for any class that the student never attended, aid will be adjusted to exclude those credits from eligibility. In addition, if a student withdraws from a class prior to the start date of that class, it will not be eligible for aid.

Complete Withdrawals: If a student receives only the following grades (F, W, or WI) without one passing grade, a Return of Title IV calculation may have to be done. If attendance has not been achieved up through the 60 percent point of the semester, a calculation is done to determine the amount of the Title IV funds that the student has earned at the time of withdrawal.  The unearned Title IV funds must then be returned to the appropriate Federal Aid program(s). If more than 60% of the payment period or semester has been completed by the student, No Title IV aid needs to be returned.

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