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Financial Aid Office

Attendance Policy Changes

The federal government recently modified its attendance policies. The Financial Aid Office wants students to understand how these changes will impact decisions to withdraw from classes.

When a student withdraws completely during a semester, the amount of financial aid (federal grants and loans) that is earned up to the point of withdrawal must be determined. If a student received more aid than he or she earned, the excess aid must be calculated on a pro-rated basis and returned to the federal government, unless more than 60% of the semester has been completed. This has been a long-standing policy.

Recent changes impact students who withdraw from individual courses that do not span the entire length of the semester. If students do not complete all of the days they were scheduled to prior to ceasing attendance, federal regulations now require that the portion of financial aid that was not earned must be calculated and returned to the appropriate federal aid program. Students are responsible for repaying any unearned aid they were not entitled to receive.

While this regulation applies to any semester in which a student takes courses that are less than 15 weeks in duration, it will be of particular concern during Spring-Summer. During this semester, Delta College offers many courses that do not span the entire semester.

It is important that you speak with a financial aid advisor before you withdraw from a class if you are enrolled in courses that are less than 15 weeks to discuss financial and future eligibility implications. You should also contact the Financial Aid Office if one of your classes is cancelled. If you choose to withdraw, you may receive a follow-up request for information from the Financial Aid Office, it is important that you respond promptly to this communication.

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