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CSS3: CSS3 delivers a wide range of stylization and effects, enhancing the web app without sacrificing your semantic structure or performance. Additionally Web Open Font Format (WOFF) provides typographic flexibility and control far beyond anything the web has offered before.
Semantics: Giving meaning to structure, semantics are front and center with HTML5. A richer set of tags, along with RDFa, microdata, and microformats, are enabling a more useful, data driven web for both programs and your users.
Offline & Storage: Web Apps can start faster and work even if there is no internet connection, thanks to the HTML5 App Cache, as well as the Local Storage, Indexed DB, and the File API specifications.
Device Access: Beginning with the Geolocation API, Web Applications can present rich, device-aware features and experiences. Incredible device access innovations are being developed and implemented, from audio/video input access to microphones and cameras, to local data such as contacts & events, and even tilt orientation.
Connectivity: More efficient connectivity means more real-time chats, faster games, and better communication. Web Sockets and Server-Sent Events are pushing (pun intended) data between client and server more efficiently than ever before.
Multimedia: Audio and video are first class citizens in the HTML5 web, living in harmony with your apps and sites. Lights, camera, action!
3D, Graphics & Effects: Between SVG, Canvas, WebGL, and CSS3 3D features, you're sure to amaze your users with stunning visuals natively rendered in the browser.
Performance & Integration: Make your Web Apps and dynamic web content faster with a variety of techniques and technologies such as Web Workers and XMLHttpRequest 2. No user should ever wait on your watch.

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When people visit your web page, they are after information. This means that if you are putting a brochure or newsletter online, you will want to rewrite the most important content to make the publication effective on the Web. You may also provide a downloadable PDF file of the original document for printing. Here are general guidelines to follow when writing for the web:

Content 1
Content 2

Being Simple

Make it easy for SunGard.Framework.Users to find your information quickly.

  • Try to limit yourself to one idea per paragraph.
  • Write as friendly as is appropriate for your audience. Overly formal writing takes careful reading, and most Web SunGard.Framework.Users don't want to do that.
  • Don't use technical jargon if avoidable. Write for all SunGard.Framework.Users to understand.
  • Avoid clever catchphrases in headings. Headings should be obvious to the reader who is scanning the page for specific information.

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