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Disability Resources

Prospective / New Students

Steps to Accommodations

1.     Contact the Office of Disability Resources to make an appointment to discuss your situation.

         Phone: 989-686-9794 or email:

2.      Collect your documentation of the condition, disability, or injury that impacts your access to

         Delta College and its programs, services, and materials.

3.      If you’re not sure about the documentation, or don’t have documentation, please contact the

         ODR staff and we will walk you through the steps to getting the necessary documentation.

4.      Attend the ODR appointment to discuss your classes, impact of disability, and possible

         accommodations with our staff.

5.      At the start of the semester, request your Notification to Instructor letters and have a confidential   

         discussion with your instructors about your accommodations.


Documentation Guidelines

1.     A description of a current disabling condition (occurring or updated usually within the last 3 years).

2.      A diagnosis by a "relevant" professional - someone with credentials and training qualified to ascribe a

         particular label to a disability characteristic or category.

3.     A description of the specific limitations imposed by the disability.

4.     And a history of accommodations used, if feasible and clearly documented.

The professional findings and judgments making up proper documentation must be, at the least, provided on professional letterhead, in letter form, and signed by the professional. You can also print off our Physical /  Medical Conditions form or Psychiatric Conditions form for you medical professional to fill out and return to our office.   A second format can be past reports of tests, evaluations, and case notes.  Either format is acceptable as long as the guidelines above are addressed as thoroughly as possible.

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