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Tips for employees

Family friendly places and spaces

Welcoming mothers and babies and providing them with a comfortable place to breastfeed.

Tips for employees

  • Make eye contact with the mother who is breastfeeding. This shows her that you support her.
  • Talk to her in a comfortable manner. Ask her about her baby.
  • Ask a mother with a baby where she would like to sit. Allow her to pick a spot where she will be comfortable breastfeeding, if she chooses.
  • If another customer expresses a concern, explain that you are family friendly and it is your policy to support breastfeeding. Or, offer to move the concerned customer to another area where they would be more comfortable.
  • Do not ask a mother to breastfeed her baby in the bathroom. Most mothers will find it offensive.
  • Share ideas with your employer about how you can create a more breastfeeding friendly environment for your customers.

Source: Midland County Breastfeeding Coalition

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