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Family Friendly Places and Spaces

Midland County Breastfeeding Coalition Initiative

Delta College strives to be a friendly environment for families and women who are nursing and breastfeeding. One way the college has done this is by joining the Midland County Breastfeeding Coalition and participating in its Family Friendly Places and Spaces Initiative.

By joining the coalition, Delta is saying that women who breastfeed on campus won’t be asked to leave or told to stop.

How it's done

Delta College offers women a clean, comfortable and secure place on campus they can use for breastfeeding.

Room locations

  • F-299C (Second Floor, near vending machines)
  • D-105 (Check in at Financial Aid, D-101)
  • Bay City: Conference Room 116 (for students, faculty and staff)
  • Midland Center: Conference Room or Staff Lounge (for students, faculty and staff)
  • Saginaw Ricker Center: Conference Room 130 and the Teachers Lounge Room 108. (for students, faculty and staff)

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