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Delta College Corporate Services provides training solutions to employers in all industries. Our professional customized approach ensures your business will achieve results and provides a maximum return on investment.

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Business Challenge

A health organization in the Great Lakes Bay Region needed to enhance managers’ leadership skills to better serve their clients.

A job analysis study performed by Delta College identified core competencies. Managers completed a survey of current skills and gaps were identified.

40 managers attended a series of eight workshops over a two-month period.  Workshops were designed to teach skills and practice through interactive sessions.

Pre/post tests survey results indicate a significant improvement in leadership skills.

CEO reported company was able to reach new level in employee satisfaction and patient experiences.

A credit union with locations in Indiana and Michigan needed to train 650 employees and managers with a new financial management system. The training needed to be transparent to their members and seamless for its staff.

Delta College delivered a blended learning solution that included instructor led training, eLearning modules, skills-based tests and practice sessions.

A training website was created for 24/7 access and a communication program ensured members and staff were aware of the methods used to enhance the financial management system.

Members did not encounter increased wait times.

Employees reported a 97% satisfaction rate for their comfort level in performing their tasks.

Credit Union received two awards from the national credit union association for the results of the training program.

An industrial manufacturer had been filling a skills need for PLC training for their production personnel with a training firm outside the area. Experiencing a reduction in training budget, they were seeking cost effective training solutions.


Using Delta College’s Advanced Manufacturing Labs provided 18 participants with access to training in a practice-oriented environment sufficient to become knowledgeable and job-ready.  Delta designed a PLC hands-on workshop that simulated the client’s production conditions.  Delta’s labs have been specifically designed to teach the “new skills” for business and industry.

The client recorded a  50% cost reduction in training expenses (not including the clients travel expenses) and 100% of the participants successfully completed training.

A global leader in automotive manufacturing needed to reduce the amount of time to bring new or current lab technicians up to a competent level of lab operations.

After a needs analysis, Delta College delivered a comprehensive knowledge and skill building training to technicians via a combination of on-the-job mentoring and interactive web based self-study program. 

Reduced training time for technicians from 48 months to 18 months.

Improvements to the safety of the work environment and modifications to safety protocols resulted in a reduction in workplace safety violations and accidents.

An automotive manufacturer with several locations in Michigan was facing low employee morale and high turnover.  The root cause was  poor supervisory and management skills.

Delta conducted a needs analysis, which identified supervisor and manager deficits in 9 key areas.  Delta provided leadership training in these key areas for 30 supervisors.  The training was held in multiple locations over several months. 

Leadership skills increased by an average of 57%, resulting in significant decreases in employee grievances and employee turnover.

Facing stiff global competition and shrinking financial resources, a local business needed to focus on their core business of making chemicals. Needing a cost effective solution to meet their internal training demands, they sought a partner whose core business was learning.

Delta College provides the training solution by managing the administration for human resource department on a local and global basis. This includes meeting management, facilitation services, course coordination, learning management system support, and materials management.

Enables existing HR personnel to focus on providing consulting services to employees to better understand their needs.

Reduction of direct costs related to managing vendor contracts, saved the business $500,000 per year.

Timeliness, accuracy and damage control of learning materials consistently reaches 99% success rate

The business is able to focus on their core strengths and experiences a significant return on investment.

A local chemical manufacturer needed hands-on training for operators to understand pump maintenance. The client had specialized training needs and a tight timeline to deliver the training.

Delta College’s client requested that Delta design a Pump Maintenance course for 20 of their employees using Delta’s labs. Delta College’s Advanced Manufacturing Labs provide participants with access to training in a practice-oriented environment sufficient to become knowledgeable and job-ready.

Delta College designed a Pump Maintenance course with specific objectives to meet the client manufacturing process needs.

The client recorded a 38% savings from the previous training company they were using and received a course design for the clients specific process needs.




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