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Player Stats

Gage Beckett, Mayville
Freshman, Pitcher, R/R, 5'11", 175lbs
Major: Medical Field

Drew Compau, Hale
Freshman, Infield/Catcher, R/R, 6'0", 175lbs
Major: Dietetics

Brent Cork, Saginaw
Sophomore, Middle Infield/Outfield, R/R, 6'4", 175lbs
Major: Sports Management

Donzell Dixson, Saginaw
Freshman, Left Field, R/R, 5'7", 160lbs
Major: Business Administration

Ryan Dowling, Fenton
Freshman, Outfield, L/R, 5'10", 175lbs
Major: N/A

Carl Downing, Bay City
Freshman, 1st/3rd, R/R, 5'11", 210lbs
Major: Graphic Design

Justin Edwards, Reese
Junior, R/R, 6'2", 200lbs
Major: PTA/Management

Jason Enser, Frankenmuth
Freshmen, Outfield/Pitcher, R/R, 6'1", 195lbs
Major: Welding

Shawn Everitt, Bay City
Freshman, Utility, R/R, 6'2", 200lbs
Major: Radiology

Justin Gielda, Bay City
Freshman, 2nd Base, R/R, 5'7", 162lbs
Major: Criminal Justice

Dakota Grappin, Linwood
Sophomore, SS/2nd Base, R/R, 5'6", 135lbs
Major: Mechanical Engineering

Michael Hall, Saginaw
Freshman, SS/Pitcher, R/R, 5'10", 160lbs
Major: Accounting

Kyle Jurgens, Saginaw
Freshman, Pitcher/OF/1st Base, L/L, 5'11", 165lbs
Major: Business

Kyle Krause, Hemlock
Sophomore, Catcher/3rd Base, R/R, 5'7" 160lbs
Major: Nursing

Joshua Leix, Birch Run
Sophomore, Outfield/1st Base, R/R, 6'2", 220lbs
Major: Bio/Pre-Denistry

Steve Meyer, Pinconning
Freshman, Catcher, R/R, 6'0", 215lbs
Major: Undecided

Scott Osentoski, Bay City
Freshman, Outfield/Pitcher, R/R, 6'0", 175lbs
Major: Undecided

Barrett Penix, Pinconning
Sophomore, Outfield/Pitcher, R/R, 5'10", 175lbs
Major: N/A

Paul Ramseyer, Bay City
Sophomore, SS/Pitcher, R/R, 6'1", 175lbs
Major: Engineering

Spenser Rezler, Linwood
Sophomore, Outfield, R/R, 5'7", 170lbs
Major: Business

Taylor Rosenbrock, Crump
Freshman, Outfield, R/R, 5'8", 145lbs
Major: Chemical Processing

Dylan Schenk, Mayville
Freshman, Infield/Catcher, R/R, 6'2", 190lbs
Major: Nursing

Taylor Schriber, Freeland
Sophomore, Pitcher/SS/2nd Base/3rd Base, L/R, 6'1", 185lbs
Major: Sports Management

Tanner Smith, Hope
Freshman, Pitcher/2nd Base/SS, R/R, 5'9", 145lbs
Major: Criminal Justice

Mike Zink, Frankenmuth
Freshman, 1st Base, R/R, 6'4", 200lbs
Major: Chemistry

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