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Emotional Signs

  • Apathy
    The "blahs," feelings of sadness, recreation that is no longer pleasurable
  • Anxiety
    feeling of restlessness, agitation, insecurity, sense of worthlessness
  • Irritability
    feeling hypersensitive, defensive, arrogant or argumentative, rebellious or angry
  • Mental Fatigue
    feeling preoccupied, having difficulty concentrating, trouble in thinking flexibly
  • Overcompensation
    denial-grandiosity (exaggerating the importance of your activities to yourself and others), working too hard, denying that you have problems, ignoring symptoms, feeling suspicious

Behavioral Signs

  • Avoiding Things
    keeping to yourself, avoiding work, having trouble accepting responsibility, neglecting responsibility
  • Doing Things to Extremes
    alcohol, gambling, spending sprees, sexual promiscuity
  • Administrative Problems
    being late to work, poor appearance, poor personal hygiene, being accident-prone
  • Legal Problems
    indebtedness, shoplifting, traffic tickets, inability to control violent impulses

Physical Signs

  • Excessive worrying, denial or illness
  • Frequent illness
  • Physical exhaustion
  • Reliance on self-medication, including overuse of drugstore remedies like aspirin

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