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Child Development Program

The Child Development curriculum prepares students to provide developmentally appropriate care to young children. Students learn to be sensitive to and respectful of the needs of children and their families. The discipline also prepares students for the early childhood work environment. Professionalism, ethics, and appropriate teaching and guidance methods are taught as well as practiced through 300 hours of practicum experience.  For more information about the program, visit the Child Development Program website.

Practicum Experience

You are likely viewing this site because you are enrolled in CD110, CD113, CD115 or CD117 and are required to participate in a practicum experience this semester. Prior to the beginning of each of these courses, you will be required to: 

  • secure a practicum site.        
  • attend a required informational session (click for dates). If you are unable to attend a session, you will be required to watch a video(s). Failure to complete one or the other could result in removal from your practicum course.     
  • complete and submit appropriate paperwork.  

Sites must be identified and all documentation submitted by the end of the second week of your CD course.


Possible Child Development Practicum Locations

This list of possible practicum locations is provided for informational purposes only and does not represent an endorsement or assurance of program quality on behalf of Delta college.  While this list contains possible sites for the practicum, you may pursue a practicum at any licensed program center as desired.

Practicum Requirements

  • These are volunteer hours.
  • At least 15 children and one teacher who is responsible for your paperwork.
  • Your relatives may not be in the program in any capacity.
  • One student per classroom.
  • Must be in an established program with no licensing restrictions.
  • Contact hours do not include nap-time nor times your supervising teacher is not with you and the children, such as lunch.

Program Hours

CD110 30 Infant/Toddler Three hours per week for 10 weeks
CD113 30 3-8 year olds Three hours per week for 10 weeks
CD115P 90 3-5 year olds Two 4.5-hr. days or three 3-hr. days per week for 10 weeks.  May not be at your workplace.
CD117 150 Student Teaching Two 6-hr. days or three 4-hr. days per week for 12 weeks during the main part of the program time.  May not be at your workplace.

Informational Documents

Please read through the following information before completing the required documentation and paperwork as outlined below:

Required Documentation and Paperwork

  1. The following forms are required EACH semester:
  2. The following documents are required if you don’t already have a copy on file in the ACE Office OR if the copy on file is expired:
    • Copy of NEGATIVE TB TEST card (less than 1 year old)
    • Copy of a valid Michigan Driver’s License or State ID
    • Copy of DHS Clearance (Note: this form MUST be less than 1 year old.  The student will go to their home county’s DHS office to complete the Central Registry Clearance Request form as an individual seeking clearance on themselves; the results will be sent to the address on the picture identification provided to DHS OR you can choose to pick it up.  The clearance will be provided if there are no issues. This process could take a minimum of TWO WEEKS to complete.)
  3. The following forms and documentation are required ONCE each academic year (they are due at the beginning of each fall semester; if this is winter semester and you have already submitted them for fall, you are not required to be submit them again for winter semester):
    • Completed "Current Criminal History Release Form
    • Completed Hepatitis B “Acknowledgment and Release Form and verification of vaccine, if necessary (see form for more information)
    • Printed certificate received after completing the “Bloodborne Pathogens–with Agreement” online training module (click here for directions to access the training site)
    • PAID RECEIPT from the Cashier’s Office for $4 – you will then be given (after 5-7 business days for processing) a Delta College ID card and lanyard (which MUST be visibly worn, at all times, while at your practicum site).  NOTE:  Replacement ID’s and lanyards will be provided at a cost of $10 each.  (If you already have a CD Program ID badge, provide a copy of the badge to the ACE Office.

To submit the forms and documentation or for questions and more information, contact:

Michelle White, Academic Career Experience Manager
A003, West Courtyard Level
Phone:   (989) 686-9382
Fax:  (989) 667-2218

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