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AAUP Service and Governance Award

Delta College Chapter of the AAUP

Founded in 1915, the American Association of University Professor's purpose is to advance academic freedom and shared governance, to define fundamental professional values and standards for higher education and to ensure higher education's contribution to the common good. Delta's chapter of AAUP dates from shortly after the founding of the College and has a long, continuing record of independent faculty advocacy.

Congratulations 2013 AAUP Award Winners!!!

AAUP Service Award:  

Elaine Karls, Professor, English

The Delta Chapter of the American Association of University Professors is pleased to recognize Elaine Karls for her outstanding and extensive service to Delta College.  Elaine has served students, colleagues, and the college as a whole through a variety of initiatives during her career.  She showed high levels of dedication for both full time and adjunct instructors while leading the Faculty Center for Teaching Excellence.  She passionately supported programs that would enhance their professional development, and tirelessly put in hours upon hours of uncompensated time (and quite possibly blood, sweat and tears) while promoting Great Teachers and Great College seminars, and Adjunct Academics.  Even with retirement around the corner, Elaine has not backed down on new projects.  She has recently taken on the work of GECAC, while also earning a Lifetime Achievement Award for her impressive work with Developmental Students.  Elaine’s retirement will leave a big hole at Delta, one that cannot be filled.  So it is with great honor that the Delta chapter of the AAUP recognizes Elaine’s outstanding years of service to Delta College.






AAUP Governance Award:


Eric "Q" Beckman, Associate Professor, Economics

The Delta Chapter of the American Association of University Professors is pleased to recognize Eric “Q” Beckman for his outstanding governance work with Delta College.  Through his leadership as the President of the Delta College Senate, Q lead us through numerous significant and controversial Senate policies.  He was a strong advocate for the Senate as a whole, as well as for its individual groups of faculty, administration and support staff.  In recent years, Q served on the FEC, the SEB and can always be counted on to provide insight and a well thought out perspective in terms of college governance.  He has contributed by breathing new life into both the Great Teacher movement, as well as the Great College movement, and is known college-wide as an individual who respects and treats everyone the same regardless of job classification.  During a very controversial process with regard to union formation, Q maintained an independent position allowing all sides to be represented, while insisting on recognition and respect for our shared governance system.  Due to his unending faith in our shared governance system, the Delta chapter of the AAUP proudly presents it’s Governance award to Eric “Q” Beckman.

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